Extensions of Excellence Performing Arts Inc.
Announces its 2016-2017


Mission Statement:

To provide the opportunity for each individual to develop artistically, intellectually, and socially, through imaginative, purposeful, and skilled expression in theatre as well as other meaningful experiences via acting, music, and dance in order to develop a strong appreciation for all arts.


"Radio Golf"

August Wilson
Directed by: Vincent Williams

November 17, 2016

Set in 1997 in a storefront redevelopment office in Pittsburg's Hill District, "Radio Golf" is the concluding play in August Wilson's monumental cycle chronicling African American life. This bittersweet drama of assimilation and alienation in nineties America traces the forces of change on a neighborhood and its people caught between history and the twenty-first century.

Venue: East Bank Theatre
630 Barksdale Blvd, Bossier City

Admission $12.00